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RLA, Principal and Founder, Phyto Studio



Friday, March 2, 11:00am-12:00pm

Planting in a Post-Wild World

Friday, March 2, 1:30-2:30Pm

Re-imagining the American Landscape

About Thomas

Thomas Rainier is a registered landscape architect, teacher and writer living in Arlington, Virginia. A leading voice in ecological landscape design, he has designed landscapes for the U.S. Capitol grounds, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the New York Botanical Garden, as well as over 100 gardens from Maine to Florida.
While passionate about design and focusing on details, Thomas is a specialist in applying innovative planting concepts to create ecologically-functional designed landscapes. His recent work focuses on the artful interpretation of wild plant communities into designed plantings that thrive in the context of towns and cities. He serves as a Principal for the landscape architectural firm Phyto Studio in Washington, D.C.

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