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Roy Widrig

Native Plants for Natural Shorelines

An overview of the role native plants have in the dynamic nature of shorelines along the Great Lakes, Finger Lakes and connecting waters of New York. Presentation will describe vegetation’s role in stabilizing soils and within the dynamic zones along shorelines and their ability to adapt to these changing environments.

About Roy Widrig

Roy Widrig is the Great Lakes Coastal Processes and Hazards Specialist with New York Sea Grant. A geomorphologist by trade, Roy’s works involves using a technical background to educate New York residents on coastal, fluvial and geologic hazards, with an enhanced focus on recreating natural environments and restoring natural geological and ecological processes. He is the author of “Working with Nature: A Guide to Native Plants for New York’s Great Lakes Shorelines” and co-author of “Erosion and Recession of New York’s Coastal Bluffs.”

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