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Evan Abramson

Pollinate Now: Bioregional Strategy for Habitat Restoration in the Hudson River Estuary Watershed

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Pollinate Now is the largest pollinator corridor plan in the US, spanning 51 Hudson Valley communities across four watersheds. It is a comprehensive plan for creating and maintaining habitat on a wide range of landscapes, to support at-risk bees, butterflies and moths in the Hudson River Estuary watershed. While the designs, plant lists and management guidelines are based on the prevalent landscape conditions in the Hudson Valley, their relevance stretches far beyond the boundaries of a single property, town or watershed. The collaborative product of designers, planners, scientists, activists, educators and citizens, this project endeavors to make pollinator habitat creation easy, exciting and aesthetically pleasing. It also aims to inspire landowners to view their properties as integral parts of a network of ecosystems woven through watersheds, communities and the wider bioregion. 

About Evan Abramson

Evan Abramson is Founder and Principal of Landscape Interactions. Since 2019, Landscape Interactions has been responsible for over 300 acres of habitat installed in the Northeast, specifically targeting at-risk bee and lepidoptera species for each project location. He holds a Master of Science in Ecological Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design and is the author of numerous publications, including Pollinate Now, Lincoln Pollinator Action Plan, Farming for Biodiversity and Great Barrington Pollinator Action Plan.

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