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"Thank you for all the hard work that went into this symposium!  I felt enriched after attending and have lots of food for thought and new ideas to incorporate into my work.  I really appreciate that we have this symposium in our backyard."

— Mary S.

"Overall it was a marvelous 2 days and I can't wait till next year. The people are open and friendly and eager to share their experiences. Gardeners are great people!"

— Lyn K.

"Always inspiring! This year I think you raised the bar for using native plants in our local landscapes. Thank you and I look forward to next years event!"

— Mike V.

"Really enjoyed the conference. I was constantly making notes for projects that I was working on."

— Melissa D.

"Great job guys! I've been meaning to come to this event for a few years now, and I was really glad that my travel schedule allowed it this year. Can't wait to start planting this spring!"

— Abbie W.

"I am 'trying' to be sure I consider and include natives rather than just go with cultivars.  I questioned the fee, but decided to take the chance--and glad I did.  The information was amazing and made me realize I need to learn much more than just where my interests are."

— Mike P.

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