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Special Projects Director, Pollinator Conservation Association




What Climate Resiliency Means to our Future:

Conservation in the Great Lakes - Buffalo, New York as a Case Study

Pollinator Conservation as a gateway to all conservation strategies.  A holistic look at think global, act local. How native plants and native habitats are the parents of our collective future.

About Jay

Jay Burney has spent a lifetime loving, learning about, and sharing ideas about how to best protect our planet. He is the Special Projects Director of the Pollinator Conservation Association which focuses its work on conservation strategies and projects. He is the founder of the Friends of Times Beach Nature Preserve which has a mission statement focused on protecting this world renowned bird and pollinator site. He is one of the founders of of the Buffalo’s Our Outer Harbor Coalition. This group was formed when development proposals threatened the ecological integrity of Buffalo’s Outer Harbor which is located, along with times Beach, at the confluence of Lake Erie, the Buffalo River, and the Niagara River Strait. The group advocates keeping outer harbor’s publicly owned natural resources, green. This includes habitat conservation and restoration. 


He is the Chair of the Niagara Greenway Pollinator Partnership which seeks to influence strategic conservation policies and educational initiatives.

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