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Nicole Gerber & Dave Reilly

Co-Founders, Citizen Coalition for Wildlife and Environment



Ecosystems, Communities, and the Interdependence of Plants and Animals

Our presentation will focus on the critical importance of biodiversity, the relationships of various wildlife and plant life, and ways to contribute productively to a healthy ecosystem.

About Nicole and Dave

Dr. Nicole Gerber received her PhD in Biological Sciences at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  She serves as the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Emergency Manager and Biosafety Officer.  She is a certified Wildlife Rehabilitator and a Wildlife Control Officer.  Dr. Dave Reilly is the director of International Studies and chair of the Department of Political Science at Niagara University, where he teaches a variety of courses that include Environmental Thought and Environmental Policy.  Both have completed the NYS Master Naturalist Training Program.


Together, Nicole and Dave have started the Citizen Coalition for Wildlife and the Environment, a non-profit based in Western New York.  The organization’s mission is to be the voice of wildlife and stewards of the environment, to encourage and enlist citizens in the practice and promotion of compassionate coexistence and the realization of a kind and compassionate world, and to use education and action to protect our ecosystems and the lives of animals. 

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