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Uli Lorimer

Director of Horticulture, Native Plant Trust, Massachusetts

From The Wild To Your Garden

How many of us have considered the journey a humble seed makes from collection in the wild all the way to a plant in a container, ready for your garden? This talk will discuss all that goes into growing a native plant from seed, the rewards and challenges of this approach and how you can support these efforts to make ecotypic seed grown plants more available. 

Native Species, Hybrids, Cultivars and Selections

What is a native plant? What is the difference between a species, hybrid, cultivar or selection and does it matter which one you use in your garden? This talk will explore this topic, from definitions to discussing the influence of marketing and economics within the nursery industry.  You will learn about the nuances that distinguish cultivars from native plant selections and the implications for the garden and beyond.


Uli Lorimer is the director of horticulture at Native Plant Trust. He is a tireless advocate for native plants in public gardens and the designed landscape, as well as those found in the wild. Uli has worked in public horticulture for twenty years in pursuit of connecting botany and horticulture. He is most content outdoors and firmly believes native plants can heal our planet.

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