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Forest Entomologist,

Department of Natural Resources,

Cornell University




Saturday, March 3, 11:40am to 12:40pm

Forest/Tree Health and Insect Update

Mark’s presentation will update us on past, current and future efforts to mitigate damages from non-native forest insect pests.  He will discuss some urgent and immediate concerns, as well as some of the longer-term and bigger-picture problems, with potential to damage or eliminate certain native tree species from our forests.  As always, Mark will also share the most current information on potential solutions to these problems.

About Mark

Mark works with professional land managers, state and federal agencies, government officials, and concerned citizens on all issues related to minimizing the impact of forest insect pests, particularly non-native invasive insects. He is considered the leading expert on many issues relating to forest health and invasive forest pests in New York State. His research includes biological control strategies for invasive forest insects, as well as understanding overall stand dynamics of our forests.


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