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Lydia Brinkley

Upper Susquehanna Coalition




Riparian Buffer Implementation Realities

With riparian buffer implementation goals being a significant part of Watershed Implementation Plans, we need to better understand how buffer implementation takes place from start to finish.  Lessons learned from the Upper Susquehanna Coalition Buffer Team put establishing this practice into context.

About Lydia

Lydia Brinkley is a tireless advocate and boot-strapping, in-the-field Riparian Buffer Coordinator for the Upper Susquehanna Coalition. She uses her Master's degree from SUNY ESF in Forestry and Natural Resource Management and extensive experience to lead a diverse program throughout a 22 county area. As the coordinator, Lydia and her team provide assistance to landowners and conservation districts in the form of technical and programmatic assistance, landscape assessments, site plans, planting strategies, tree planting help, capacity building and funding opportunities. 

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