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Kay McConnell

Owner, Garden Therapy, LLC—Baltimore, MD; Educational Garden Consultant

Member of Guilford Garden Club (GGC) and project co-chair of the Friends Native Plant Teaching Gardens and the Lake Roland Design Framework and Native Plant Sales, a collaboration between GGC and Lake Roland Nature Council




Friday March 1st, 9:45 am

Friends School of Baltimore Native Plant Teaching Gardens: Growing Into A Conservation Campus

In partnership since 2005, Friends School of Baltimore and Guilford Garden Club have created a series of Native Plant Teaching Gardens. Conservation and education are the heart of the project.  The gardens employ Chesapeake Bay Watershed native plants to provide habitat and absorb surface water throughout the school’s sloping campus. Kay McConnell will tell the story of the way GGC and Friends School work and learn together as they aspire to create a “conservation campus” and generations of ecological gardeners.

About Kay

Kay McConnell is a professional garden consultant with a focus on education and native plants in Baltimore, MD. Her work emphasizes the value of intimate understanding of and interaction with the land that supports our work and play.  She spent just enough time indoors to earn her B.A. from Princeton University and M.A. from University of Rochester in English Literature. A stay-at-home-and-garden mom, she received on the job training watching her children explore nature while she was planting, weeding, pruning, and learning voraciously about native plants.  She began her business, Garden Therapy, LLC--“happy relationships with healthy gardens”-- in 2003. Kay joined the Guilford Garden Club in 1998 and has been awarded the Garden Club of America Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award and Zone VI Civic Improvement Award for her work with Friends School of Baltimore. Kay also serves on the Irvine Native Plant Seminar Speaker Committee.

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