David Wolfe

Professor, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University

www.hort.cornell.edu/wolfe; www.climatesmartfarming.org;




Sustainable Landscape Management in a Changing Climate

In the Northeast, a longer growing season and warmer temperature might allow exploration of new species and varieties in the landscape. But climate change will also bring with it increased weed, disease, and insect pressure, more frequent damaging summer heat stress, and new challenges for water management.  Strategies for taking advantages of new opportunities and addressing the challenges will be discussed, including way in which landscape management can help to slow the pace of climate change by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering carbon in plants and soils that would otherwise be in the air as the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

About David

David W. Wolfe is Professor of Plant and Soil Ecology in the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University, co-PI for the New York Soil Health research and outreach program (www.newyorksoilhealth.org), and author of the award-winning popular science book on soil ecology, Tales From the Underground: A Natural History of Subterranean Life.  He is also a leading authority on agricultural climate change adaptation and mitigation, and co-author of the 2008 and 2014 National Climate Assessments. At Cornell he teaches Climate Change and Food Security. He currently serves on the advisory committee for the NYS Water Resources Institute (https://wri.cals.cornell.edu), is a member of the Lansing Conservation Advisory Council, board member of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, and on the Corporation of the Board for the New York Botanic Garden.