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Dan Segal

Owner of The Plantsmen Nursery





Native Plants: The Currency Of Our Trade

What they are, how they work, and the dying art of seed propagation

In this talk, Dan will begin by refreshing everyone on some of the fundamentals-- what makes native plants unique, what traits they exhibit, and how those traits tell us something about habitat, evolution, ecology...and how to grow them. Many native plants are now grown from tissue culture or asexual propagation, but of course seed is the original mechanism by which all plants have reproduced successfully for millions of years. We believe that all of us at INLS--even the hosts--benefit from some review of the basics every few years, and we want to make sure everyone's on the same page. 

About Dan

​Dan and his wife Sarah have owned The Plantsmen since 2006. Dan has worked with native plants for over 20 years, in California, the Mid-Atlantic, and New York. His areas of expertise include ecological restoration, residential landscaping, plant propagation, plant bio-geography, and the study of native plant communities. His experience collecting and propagating over 1000 species of plants is a big part of what makes The Plantsmen Nursery unique among other nurseries and landscape companies.

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