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Owner, The Plantsmen Nursery




Saturday, March 3, 2:45 to 3:45pm

Native Species and Adaptation in Our Landscapes

Native plants have evolved an arsenal of adaptations in the wild, yielding not only the ornamental features embraced in horticulture, but many fascinating survival mechanisms that are directly related to environment. Dan will take us beyond 'pretty' plant features to explore the origins of these adaptive traits, and the critical importance of regional variation. He will also compare and contrast large-scale nursery production that favors the cloning of cultivars, with small-scale nursery propagation that favors seed-grown straight species.  These insights into adaptation and plant production will nurture your appreciation for the species as the ideal unit of currency in ecological landscapes. 

About Dan

Dan has owned The Plantsmen for 11 years. He has worked in native horticulture and ecological landscape restoration for 27 years, in management, production, propagation, installation and seed collection.  He has presented his ecological approach to native plant production for groups including the US EPA, New Directions in the American Landscape Conference, Cleveland Pollinator Symposium, Metro Hort in NYC, Grow Native Massachusetts, and many other groups with an interest in how to use native plants ecologically, in our landscapes.

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