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Robert L. Johnson

Racine-Johnson Aquatic Ecologists



Friday March 1st, 2:30 pm

 Aquatic Plant Community of Southern Cayuga Lake and non-native invaders

The submersed plant community has changed moderately overtime however, it appears, recently new species have quicken the pace.  This presentation will present historical plant species present and abundance records contrasting to the present. Current challenges are introduced with possible solutions.

About Robert

Bob is an aquatic biologist with 45 years’ experience working on aquatic macrophyte ecology and control of excessive growth while at Cornell University.  Recently retired from Cornell Bob continues to advise private lake associations as well as governmental agencies on aquatic plant issues in New York State.  He has worked on the Cayuga Inlet Hydrilla Task Force since August 2011 as a monitor of the hydrilla growth and control at the south end of Cayuga Lake.

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