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Annie White


Owner, Nectar Landscape Design Studio

Lecturer, University of Vermont




Saturday March 2nd, 11:40 am

How Native Plant Cultivars Affect Plant & Pollinator Interactions

Initiatives to enhance pollinator habitat are widespread. Native plant species are most often recommended to provide optimal foraging and nesting habitats for bees and other insects. The growing demand for native plants, coupled with the horticulture industry’s desire for plants with unique characteristics, has led to the increased selection, breeding, and availability of native cultivars. But are native cultivars as valuable in pollinator habitat gardens as the straight native species? Annie White will help answer this question by sharing the results of four years of field data collection, measuring pollinator preference for native species versus native cultivars.

About Annie

Annie White is an Ecological Landscape Designer and the owner of Nectar Landscape Design Studio in Stowe, Vermont. She is also a Lecturer of Landscape Design at the University of Vermont.  Annie earned an MS in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in 2005 and a PhD in Plant & Soil Science from The University of Vermont in 2016. She is passionate about designing cutting-edge and science-based pollinator-friendly habitats at all scales—from urban backyards to rural agricultural landscapes.

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