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Ithaca Native Landscape
posium 2023


Dear INLS Friends and Fans,
After much thinking, and a bit of procrastination, we've decided to cancel INLS this year. We are sad to do that, and we apologize to all of you who look forward to it as a bright spot that helps us all get through the gray season...We do plan to resume the conference in 2024. Here is a brief synopsis of our thoughts and reasons for skipping INLS this year:
1. In terms of Covid, we were unsure how folks felt about in-person vs. remote, but we thought if we put the question out to a casual vote, we'd end up with some on each side of the aisle, so to speak. Our feeling was that we'd lose some people this year either way. At this moment, the situation feels pretty safe for in-person gatherings, but we'd like to see a winter without new waves of illness and concern before planning a large in-person gathering. 
2. While a remote Zoom symposium was easy and convenient in many ways, I think many of us are zoomed out, and we missed seeing you in person--we missed the sense of gathering and community that we've all shared each spring, and the fertility of conversations in the hall, lobby, or happy hour locale. One real goal with INLS has always been to help support our community and our downtown small businesses, which like many in Upstate NY and everywhere else, have struggled to rebound from the pandemic.
3. Cinemapolis has been an ideal site for our event, but Brett Bossard, the former Executive Director and our host/tech whiz extraordinaire, has taken a position elsewhere. Following Brett's departure, there has been some ongoing staff transition in the past month or two at the ED level, and we were just a little anxious that the path was not clear. This is not to blame the was part of our decision, but only one part. We look forward to working with Cinemapolis again in 2024 and beyond.
We had some great presentations lined up, and we'll try to secure those speakers for 2024. In the meantime, please know that we miss seeing you, we are sad to not hold the event, and we are continuing to do the work that fuels INLS.
Thank you for your understanding and warm wishes,
Rick, Dan and Laurianne & Bridget
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