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Matthew Biondolillo, CERP

Environmental and Ecological Consultant




Saturday March 2nd, 1:45 pm

Vegetated Buffers: Let the DIRT Do its Work

Riparian buffers represent a priority best management practice to address nonpoint source pollution.  By planting vegetation within riparian areas along waterbodies, space is created between the water and upland land uses, which helps protect the water quality and aquatic habitat by preventing sediments, excess nutrients, and other pollutants from reaching the waterbody.  If we let the DIRT do its work, vegetated buffers protect the waterbody from the impacts of human activity.

About Matthew

Mr. Matthew J. Biondolillo is a native of Central New York.  It’s here where he developed a deep passion for the natural environment, particularly our beloved waterways.  He earned an M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from University at Buffalo in 1998 and B.S. degree in Biology from Buffalo State College in 1995.  Matt has earned certifications as a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP) and Project Management Professional (PMP).


Matt is a consultant with more than 22 years professional experience in environmental remediation and ecological restoration, specializing in restoring degraded aquatic and riparian ecosystems. He has designed and implemented habitat restoration plans at the watershed- and site-scales for wetland, stream, pond, lake, riparian/coastal and upland environments. In addition, Matt is a co-inventor of an oleophilic bio-barrier- an innovative technology for capturing petroleum hydrocarbons within waterways such that it can be degraded by naturally occurring microbial communities. 

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