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Friday, March 2 and

Saturday, March 3

at Cinemapolis

in Ithaca, NY

INLS 2018


Native Plant Responses to Climate Change in Cornell’s Mundy Wildflower Garden: Thirty Years of Data!

David Weinstein, Cornell University


Growing the New Landscapes of Governors Island, NY

Will Hart, MNLA, NYC


Planting in a Post-Wild World

Thomas Rainer, RLA, Principal, Phyto Studio

Re-imagining the American Landscape

Thomas Rainer, Phyto Studios


Dealing with Resident Canada Geese in NY State

Paul Curtis, DNR, Cornell Univ.

Designing Dynamic Native Landscapes

Larry Weaner, Principal/Founder, LWA



Beyond Bird Feeders: Back Yard Habitat Havens

Marie Read, Photographer/Author

Maintaining Dynamic Native Landscapes

Larry Weaner, Principal/Founder, LWA

Forest/Tree Health and Insect Update

Mark Whitmore, DNR, Cornell University

Plants with Purpose: Using Native Plants for Managing Stormwater

Emily DeBolt, Fiddlehead Creek Nursery

Native Species and Adaptation in Our Landscapes

Dan Segal, Plantsmen Nursery


RLA, Principal and Founder, Phyto Studio

Founder & Principal,

Larry Weaner Associates

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