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2014 Speaker Info, links, contacts...

Thanks to everyone for attending the 2014 Ithaca Native Landscape Symposium.

If you haven't done so already, please take a few minutes to complete our survey.  Click here to link to survey.




Dan Segal:  Click here for list of plants highlighted during talk.
Darrel Morrison:  Click here to see The Old Stone Mill Project design by Darrel.
                               Link to video produced by The Library of American Landscape History,
                             "Designing in the Spirit Place:  A Conversation with Darrel Morrison"
Robert Grese:  "The Native Landscape Reader", written by Bob Grese and read from at symposium.  It is                                    available through the Library of American Landscape History as well as other sources.  
                           Check it out here.
Tom Whitlow:  Contact at
Mark Whitmore:  Click here for article about invasives and cold written by Mark.  Contact Mark at                                            
Heather Connelly:  Contact Heather at
Janet Allen:  Click here for Janet's handout from the symposium.  Included in the .pdf are useful links, book names, plant lists and other things covered in Janet's talk.
Tim Noon:  Click here for Tim's contact as well as others that he shared during his talk.



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